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WaterWise Garden Recognition Contest Winners!  

Santa Barbara Garden Contest Winner Panoramic   
Many flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds to this water wise garden

Want to get an idea for how to design YOUR water wise garden? Check out the great designs of the winners of our inaugural Water Wise Garden Recognition Contest!    

The 1st annual WaterWise Garden Recognition Contest will celebrate residents of Santa Barbara County who are committed to maintaining their landscapes in a way that is both attractive and WaterWise. Our contest is meant to recognize the best looking and most water efficient landscapes in our region, and serve as an example of what is possible as we design our landscapes to better use our most precious natural resource, water. 

A 2013 WaterWise Garden Award was given to a residential property in each participating water provider's service area. Each water provider determined its own winner using this judging criteria and submitted its winner to compete for the County-wide grand prize.

Check out this year's Winners below!

County-wide Grand Prize! 
Santa Barbara

Christine Nolte has designed her theme garden to attract our area's famous butterflies. Her front yard includes a water catchment system with a dry-well to capture and use the runoff from her roof, a central area with permeable hardscape, and includes water wise and butterfly attracting plants.

Santa Barbara Garden Contest Winner 1
Front entrance with Dymondia in park strip

Santa Barbara Garden Contest Winner 2
A variety of butterfly attracting flowers


Santa Barbara Winner


Regional Winners


John and Susan Everett, along with Grant from Greenleaf Landscapes, designed this drip irrigated, water wise front yard with great curb appeal using seven types of plants within the main area. Additionally, there are very low water use succulents along the house and a great use of shrubs near the front door which creates a private sitting area.

Carpinteria Garden Contest Winner 2
 Great curb appeal with privacy screen in background

Carpinteria Garden Contest Winner 4
Close up of Agave 'Blue Glow'


Arthur Posche has been developing his easy maintenance agave and aloe garden for many years and has an amazing variety of plant species, colors, and textures. The entire landscape receives no regular irrigation and only gets occasional hand watering for newly established plants.

Montecito Garden Contest Winner 1
Blue themed area of front yard

Montecito Garden Contest Winner 2
 A proud WaterWise contest winner 



Annette Winter removed her lawn by sheetmulching and with Joan S. Bolton of Santa Barbara Garden Design, created an English cottage garden that attracts a large number of bees, hummingbirds, and other wildlife. With olive trees, a variety of sages, and a gentle curved path, this garden provides a peaceful sanctuary and a variety of aromatic plants to engage the senses. 

 Goleta Garden Contest Winner 1
A water wise cottage garden

Goleta Garden Contest Winner 2
Rock rose, lavender, and other insect loving plants 


Harvey and Jeannette Wynne designed their garden from scratch with a goal of making it a pretty and low maintenance front yard. The result is a simple and beautiful mix of shade trees and flowering plants that thrive off very little water from an efficient drip irrigation system.

 Lompoc Garden Contest Winner 2
Easy maintenance plants and colorful birdhouse

Lompoc Garden Contest Winner 1
White Birch bathe a sitting area in shade 

Santa Maria

Ken and Shandy Mann have created a cactus themed landscape to complement their home's Southwestern architecture. Having collected many cuttings and baby cacti from friends, they have designed a no irrigation landscape that looks beautiful and leaves plenty of open space. 

Santa Maria Garden Contest Winner 3
A cactus garden with ample room to wander 

Santa Maria Garden Contest Winner 2
Simple and easy, cactus are extremely water wise 


Contest Rules

Judging Criteria

Important Dates:

Application Deadline- May 31, 2013
Judging Period- June, 2013
Notification of Awards- July, 2013

Participating Water Providers


Questions about the contest can be directed to the Santa Barbara County Water Agency at 568-3440, or  


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