Type of Soil

The Landscape Watering Calculator adjusts your watering schedule according to your type of soil. The three main soil types used in the Calculator are sand, loam, and clay.

Sandy Soils Easily absorb large amounts of water and drain quickly, but don't retain very much water. 
Loam Soils Ideal for most types of plants because they are a mixture of sand, organic material, and clay. Loam soils absorb water less quickly than sand, but the water is retained in the root zone longer and the organic material is beneficial to the plants. 
Clay Soils Dense, difficult to dig in, and do not absorb water quickly. The best way to water clay soils is to run the sprinklers for a short period of time, wait until the water soaks in, and then run the sprinklers again until the root zone of the plants is well watered.